Monday, 24 March 2014


Today I went for a walk with my fiance looking for a beautiful photo. The trouble is, we didn't stray far from home and we don't live in the most beautiful area. The walk along a rather un-pretty harbour was ever more disappointing with every bend in the path faced with a heartbreaking amount of rubbish where the sea will start drifting in with the tide. It's a neglected part of my city, good for discarded military vessels on contaminated land, tyres and rubbish littering the sea bed. 
But isn't there a saying that you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover? Few people probably stray this far, they probably don't know if you just keep following the path you'll reach some steps...if you climb them you'll be immersed amongst the trees and woodland.
Bushes full of tiny little buds ready to burst into growth, bluebells showing off their flowers providing early colour and birds flying from tree to tree busy getting on with their birdly duties.
I love to  accidentally find swans when I least expect it, though the pair I came across today were being particularly un-coperative. They were swimming under the bridge I stood on making photographing them very difficult. 
I shot these photographs in black and white because it just felt like that kind of a day.  I love black and white for the drama and the detail. A photograph is what it is in black and white, no fancy tricks or colours to distract the real story.